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first semester is over :) [Jan. 30th, 2010|08:40 pm]
[Current Mood |okayokay]

Well... That went by very quickly. The first semster of school is over. I suppose i did ok overall. Advanced Algebra was very challenging though! I think i got a C in it for this quarter... :( oh well. We start our new classes on Monday... i'm kinda nervous. Its gonna be Spirit Week, starting Monday also... We have a dance next Saturday. I think i want to go. If i can convince Megan to go with me. Mom won $10,000 on a scratchticket on New Years Eve. I bought my data-match results from school last week. For my grade i was matched with Ethan lol. I was shocked considering he was the one i really liked for a long time. I still really like him, but so does Francis, so i just kinda keep that to myself. I dont wanna make her feel bad. I'll find someone else eventually. I've been really interested in One Life To Live lately... Especially Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish a.k.a. Kish. haha. guess thats all for now.